Articles for Summer

Following is a description of the articles I have available for reprint. For pricing and other information about the articles described below, please email me at cindy@cindyhudson(dot)com.

  • Do It Yourself Summer Reading Program—The benefits of summer reading have been widely proven. While programs at libraries are often available and easy to sign up for, parents may find that getting to the library or motivating their kids with the prizes offered is difficult. To help parents looking for their own way to motivate their kids to read, I’ve written a 543-word article about an easy way to put together a reading game that can be tailored to each individual family. It includes a 169-word sidebar of do’s and don’ts.
  • Six Easy Steps to Turn a Backyard Scavenger Hunt Into a City-Wide Adventure—One of the most successful summer activities I’ve organized was a scavenger hunt with a twist. Instead of lasting a few hours, it went on for almost two months, and it took the girls in our mother-daughter book club places in our city they otherwise never would have gone. The game was simple to organize, and it was a hit with both the girls and their moms. A city-wide scavenger hunt is a great activity to pull together in July, when the initial excitement and energy of being out of school is waning into the summer blahs for everyone. This 635-word article gives all the details about how to make it work.
  • Lunch Date—When one child in a family is a picky eater, it can strain the whole family dynamic. This is particularly true during vacations, when eating out is more common and finding restaurants to please everyone’s taste can add stress to what is supposed to be a fun time. My 980-word personal essay talks about the day we changed our thinking on eating out during vacation. I believe many families can find inspiration from it to tackle similar issues.
  • Hammock Weather—Most of the moms I know find it hard to take time for themselves to relax. All too often, tasks on the to-do list trump taking time to read a book or put their feet up on the couch, or in better weather, swing in a hammock. And yet, I believe it can benefit everyone in the family when children see their parents take a breather. This 791-word essay explores this common issue and encourages moms to set aside time for themselves.