Articles for Fall

Following is a description of the articles I have available for reprint. For pricing and other information about the articles described below, please email me at cindy@cindyhudson(dot)com.

  • 15 Book for Kids to Read About Bullying—Some kids are excited about being back at school in the fall, others worry being bullied. There may not be one solution to address those situations, but reading books about kids who are bullied can be helpful in many ways. While any time can be good to run an article about bullying, October fits in with National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. This 1,228-word article contains titles in three age groups and offers advice from authors Shannon Hale, Frank Cottrell Boyce, and Aija Mayrock. A 226-word sidebar contains a list of resources.
  • Scary Stories Help Kids Face Fears—Stories from the Brothers Grimm have long been told to children, but parents today may wonder whether scary stories may do more harm than good. In this 495-word article with a 142-word sidebar of book recommendations in two age groups I interview experts who say scary stories play a role in helping kids face their fears and be heroes, but who caution about keeping the books (and movies) age appropriate.
  • Six Steps to Starting a Mother-Daughter (or Parent-Child) Book Club—October is National Reading Group Month and November is Family Literacy Month. I wrote “Six Steps to Starting a Mother-Daughter Book Club” to help moms identify the key issues they can address to get a new group started. This 616-word article has tips for deciding whom to invite, choosing books to read, and more. I’ve also included a bonus 278-word sidebar titled, “Six Can’t Miss Titles to Get Your Book Club Started.”
  • Eight Books That Help Kids Learn to Be Thankful All Year Long
    Parents can do more to help their kids learn gratitude than prompt them to say thanks after receiving gifts. Books help kids empathize with characters as they learn life lessons. This 425-word article compiles a list of titles that parents can read with their kids aged 3 to 12
  • Bonding Through Books—Mother-daughter book clubs offer so many advantages to both moms and daughters, including the opportunity to forge a closer bond as the daughter grows. This 630-word personal essay talks about the joys of sharing books with you daughter and it comes with a 228-word sidebar with tips on how to start a club.
  • Overcome These Obstacles and Volunteer With Your Family—November is Family Volunteer Month. Volunteering with children is a good way to teach them about helping others and improving the world around them. Yet, many parents don’t volunteer with their kids for several reasons: They think they don’t have enough time, they don’t know where or how to volunteer, or they think it’s just too much trouble.  This 648-word article addresses common reasons parents may not volunteer with their kids and helps them get around those barriers. A sidebar listing resources for finding volunteer projects is included.