Articles for Spring

Following is a description of the articles I have available for reprint. For pricing and other information about the articles described below, please email me at cindy@cindyhudson(dot)com.

  • Six Books to Read With Your Kids During Women’s History Month—March is Women’s History Month, a great time for moms and dads to read books about women and their role in history. This 512-word article highlights some of the best books to read to kids about women and how they have advanced over the years.
  • March is National Reading Month. Any of the book list articles or reading and literacy articles noted above are appropriate to run during march.
  • Three Fun and Easy Activities Help Kids Write Poems, Boost Reading Skills—Poetry writing with kids is less about the quality of what’s created and more about the sneaky literacy skills they gain while thinking of words to describe how they feel about people, animals, or objects. This 707-word article outlines three ways parents can work with their kids to write poems, with a notation on how much time is involved. The article ends with a list of resources for finding other poem-writing guidelines.
  • Funny Poems Inspire Kids to Read—April is National Poetry month. Funny poems written for children, about things they can relate to, are great at inspiring kids to read. They are especially good for reluctant readers, who may find their short length, kid-friendly topics and silly rhymes attractive.  My article, “Five Ways Funny Poetry Inspires Kids to Read,” lets parents know the benefits of having their kids read poetry as they grow up. In the 778-word article I quote Kenn Nesbitt, a children’s poet who frequently presents at schools around the country. Includes a 155-word resource sidebar.
  • Six Books to Give High School Graduates—Books as high school graduation gifts hit the mark on several fronts: they are affordable, personal, and may offer advice that’s useful to the grad about to embark on a life away from family and friends. I wrote this 479-word article to help parents looking for a stand-alone gift or one that goes well with a gift card.