Green Schools in Oregon — A Post for National Wildlife Federation

As a member of the National Wildlife Federation, I was thrilled to be contacted recently to work on a post about seed grants from the Gray Family Foundation to 10 schools near where I live in the Portland area. While researching the article I discovered several cool programs students are working as they learn about the environment and sustainability.

Here’s a link to the post, “Green Schools in Oregon: Growing Trees and Trout.” The article also has links that lead to more information about great NWF programs such as Eco-Schools USA.

List of Articles for Reprint Updated

I recently updated the list of articles I have written that are available for reprint. Among the new titles I have added are one about great books to read to your child during Women’s History Month, how funny poems can inspire kids to read, and two personal essays: one about using my cat as a diet buddy and the other a letter to my younger self with advice on being a mom. Check out the whole list of articles available for reprint on literacy and other topics.

I Weigh in on New York Times Story About Lit Classics for Little Ones

Adapting literary classics such as Jane Austen novels, Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights and more is a new trend among publishers. When New York Times reporter Julie Bosman wrote about this recently, she asked my opinion about how that may benefit babies. Read to the end of her story to find my quote.

Photos Enhance Stories

When stories call for photos I can provide the images as well as the words. In this recent article for The Beaverton Leader I wrote about Cedar Mill Garden Club members creating fall arrangements with pumpkins and showed what some of those looked like.

Here are a few other recent photos I took to go along with articles:

The Sunset Swim Center parking lot got an environmentally friendly makeover.

Librarian Mark Richardson demonstrates how a media kit works.

Keller Williams employees volunteered for the Edwards Center.

I captured volunteers serving meals to the homeless in this photo for an article on the Cedar Mill Bible Church’s Jesus Table.

Recent Articles Highlight Local News

Recently The Oregonian began publishing the Beaverton Leader, which is distributed inside Wednesday’s edition of The Oregonian for subscribers living in the Beaverton area and is also available at news stands. I have written about local, Cedar Mill news weekly for The Oregonian as a freelance journalist since 2006, and I continue to submit articles to the Beaverton Leader. Here are links to a couple of recent articles published under my byline along with photos I took.

Edwards Center’s Aloha site benefits from red-letter volunteer day

Eagle Scout upgrades Beaverton playground


Find List of Articles on Literacy, Other Topics

I’ve just made it easier for anyone looking to publish articles about family reading, activities to children, and more to learn about the articles I offer. You can find a complete list  of available articles with a description and word count by visiting the Articles for Reprint page.

Feature Article Profiles Oregon Writer

Jim Butler is a busy guy. He writes books, articles and more while holding down a full-time job in sales. Recently, I was challenged to write about this fascinating man for an article in The Oregonian.

Jim’s most recent success is his publication in a new anthology series, “Not Your Mother’s Book,” published by Publishing Syndicate. Two of his stories appeared in the title “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Stupid Kid.”

Find out more about Jim, the new series and more by reading the article I wrote at

Should You Let Your Kids Read Scary Stories?

With Halloween coming up, many parents may be questioning whether their kids should be reading stories or watching movies that scare them. I wrote an article on this topic that was published in MetroKids of Philadelphia, titled, “I’ll Get You My Pretty! For Centuries Scary Stories Have Prepared Kids for the Real World.”

For the article I interviewed a former president of the American Psychological Association, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and an author who has won the Bram Stoker Award multiple times for his fiction. See what they have to say and check out a few recommended books for ages 4+ and 8 to 12 when you read the article.

Wondering What to Do If Your Kids Wants to Read J.K. Rowling’s New Adult Book?

With the release of J.K. Rowling’s new book for adults, The Casual Vacancy, conversations are undoubtedly occurring in homes everywhere between kids who want to read it and parents who may wonder if that’s such a good idea. I was recently quoted in an article on on this topic, and here’s my general take on it.

If your teen wants to read it, it’s probably because she loves the Harry Potter series so much that she wants to read anything by the author who wrote it. I wouldn’t forbid my teen to read the book, but I would make sure she understands what it’s about and talk to her about why she wants to read it. You may want to sit with her and read a few online reviews at Amazon, Good Reads, or another source. If she still wants to read it, you may want to dive into it as well, so you can talk with her about the issues that come up.

Recent Article Topics Available for Reprint

Here are the titles of recent articles I have written for publication. Contact me at cindy(at)cindyhudson(dot)com for information on reprinting any of these or other articles:

  • Eight Books Every Mom Should Read With Her Daughter
  • Tips for REading Out Loud With Your Child
  • Ten Kids Classics That Adults Will Love to Read Too
  • Six Easy Steps to Turn a Backyard Scavenger Hunt Into a Citywide Adventure
  • Six Steps to Starting a Mother-Daughter Book Club