Articles for Winter

Following is a description of the articles I have available for reprint. For pricing and other information about the articles described below, please email me at cindy@cindyhudson(dot)com.

  • Bookish Gifts for Kids—This 558-word articles lists non-traditional gifts for kids who love books and reading. These items, which are appropriate for gift-giving at any time of year, go beyond books and look at creative ways to trumpet a favorite story, play games that build reading skills, or simply make reading more fun.
  • Forty-Nine Perfect Hearts—First appearing in Chicken Soup for the Soul, this 768-word essay is about the tradition my husband and I have been carrying on throughout out marriage; we give each other heart ornaments each year when we decorate our Christmas tree.
  • 12 Great Kids Books to Snuggle Up With—Winter is a great time to snuggle up alone or as a family and dive into the pages of a book. This 522-word article highlights classics and new titles that you’ll want to read while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.